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Welcome to Bell Pepper
Fresh Thai Food & Healthy Thai Takeaways

Our love for great food and hospitality is something we have always
shared. Finally the time has come for Bell Pepper– our restaurant has
been serving exquisite food in Dublin & Waterford since 2017.
Bell pepper is an outcome of a rich experience in Thai food.
The good things in life – friends, family and great food is what defines
Bell Pepper.
The dishes at Bell pepper have been carefully chosen to showcase the very
best in Thai cuisine.
Situated in heart of Coolock & Waterford, our restaurant provides guests
with an incredible dining experience whilst enjoying the taste of true
Thai cuisine. We offer traditional Thai recipes, as well as some new
and innovative dishes.
Thailand is a small country, with each region having its own particular
ingredients, spices, and cooking techniques used to create unique
dishes. Our chefs carefully capture the robust regional flavours,
offering a tempting array of Thai curries & Stir -fries.
Thai cuisine is renowned the world over for its Royal heritage and at
Bell Pepper, we pride ourselves in cooking authentic dishes. Our menu
will take you on a gastronomic journey through thai food culture and

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